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By Charles M Robinson

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Download e-book for iPad: Just Tell Them I Survived: Women in Antarctica by Dr Robin Burns

This choice of interviews celebrates women's participation in nationwide and personal expeditions to Antarctica. From the 1st girls scientists to go to Macquarie Island in 1959 to modern explorers, this publication provides the deep-seated longings of ladies to affix Antarctic expeditions, the limitations they've got needed to conquer, and the uncooked debts of women's studies as a minority in tight human groups.

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Nello sperduto villaggio di Tabula, alcuni abitanti sono affetti da licantropia. Ogni notte diventano lupi mannari e, consistent with placare i loro istinti, sbranano un innocente! Di giorno i superstiti si riuniscono dibattendo sul da farsi: alla high-quality della discussione linciano uno di loro, credendolo un lupo mannaro.

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