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By Arthur Jones

The recognized difficulties of squaring the circle, doubling the dice, and trisecting the perspective have captured the mind's eye of either expert and beginner mathematician for over thousand years. those difficulties, besides the fact that, haven't yielded to simply geometrical equipment. It was once simply the advance of summary algebra within the 19th century which enabled mathematicians to reach on the astonishing end that those structures aren't attainable. this article goals to advance the summary algebra.

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6, the vector space Q( V2)( /3) over Q( V2) has a basis {I , /3}. 1), the vector space Q(V2)( /3) over Q has the basis {I , V2,V3, V2V3}. 1 we can get a relationship between their dimensions. This gives us the following very useful theorem. 3 Theorem. [Dimension for a Tower Theorem] a tower of subfie1ds of C, Consider If the vector spaces IF over IE and II< over IF Irave finite dimension then so does K over IE and [II< : IE] = [K : F][IF : IE] or, in eltettietive notation, dimj, II< = dim« II< .

V" : n ;::: 1 and each Ai E IF, Vi E S} is called the span of 8 over IF or the linear span of 8 over IF. If span(8) = V then 8 is said to span V over IF . 6 Definitions. vn Al = A2 = ... = An = 0. 0= Al,Vl implies that S is said to be linearly dependent over IF if it is not linearly independent over IF. 7 Definitions. If V is a vector space over a field F and S is a nonempty subset of V which is linearly independent over IF and which spans V over IF, then S is said to be a basis of V over IF. If S is finite, then the number of elements of S is called the dimension of V over F.

8. 45 Extending Fields Why did we stop at the power an-I? The answer is given by the following result, which shows that any further powers would be redundant. 2 Proposition. positive powers of a: The set F(a) contains all the remaining Proof. Since n = deg(a, IF), a is a zero of a monic polynomial of degree n in F[X]. Hence Co + cIa + ... + clI_la ll 1 - + all = 0 for some coefficients CO,CI, ... ,CII_I E IF. Thus (1) and each -Cj ElF, as IF is a field. 1), all E F(a). If we multiply both sides of (1) by a we see that (2) Now a, ...

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