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55 AMAZON ADVENTURE But something was wrong. Where were the people? “Nobody’s here,” Aaron said. Paul guessed what had happened. “The villagers must have left to escape the invading ants,” he said. “But they’ll be back now that the ants are gone. ” The Barclays were disappointed that the village was abandoned—but at least they were out of the jungle. Here, there were huts where they could sleep, and they could at last find some food. “Kids,” Paul said, “there’s got to be a radio somewhere. ” About 10 minutes later, Aaron found a radio in one of the huts by the riverbank.

Now they were very close to the riverbank. ” The Amazon Queen tilted as it tore 29 AMAZON ADVENTURE through the ferns. Then the boat rammed the bank with a shuddering thud. Jim scrambled onto the bank. He ran to a nearby tree and pulled the slack out of the rope. Then he tied it around the base of the tree. The heavy rope held the boat in place. “Now let’s pack what we can carry and go on from here. Just take important things, kids—food, water, clothes, knives, rope—things like that,” Paul said.

Suddenly they heard a loud howl. It sounded like a very noisy baby. Pam’s eyes grew big and round. ” she cried. Her father laughed. “It’s a howler 33 AMAZON ADVENTURE monkey high in the trees. You can hear them from miles away. ” After a short rest, Paul said, “Time to go, kids. We won’t get to the village by sitting here. ” The heat and humidity were stifling. They were all soaked with sweat. And insects were everywhere—buzzing and biting, flying in their ears, and even into their mouths! “Go away!

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