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By Dharamvir Bharati, Alok Bhalla (Trans.)

This can be a translation of Dharamvir Bharati's Andha Yug (1953), some of the most major performs of recent India. Written instantly after the partition of the Indian subcontinent, the play is a profound meditation at the politics of violence and competitive selfhood. The motion of the play happens at the final day of the Mahabharata struggle and is focused on a number of bewildered survivors of the Kaurava extended family. The ramparts are in ruins, town is burning, and Kurukshetra is roofed with corpses and vultures. The surviving Kauravas are beaten via grief and rage. They lengthy for one final act of revenge opposed to the Pandavas. this is the reason while Ashwatthama releases the last word weapon, the brahmastra, which threatens to annihilate the realm, they do not want to sentence it as ethically reprehensible.

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Vidura exits. guard 2 Did you see the soldier with your own eyes? guard 1 He is a sorcerer a shapeshifter who can take any form at will. When the guards locked the city gates he changed into a vulture Andha Yug 39 flew over the locked gates and began to prey upon the bodies of children sleeping on open terraces. guard 2 Quick! Lock the western gate at once. guard 1 Terrified. Look! guard 2 What is it? guard 1 He’s coming! guard 2 Quick take cover, here! Both guards hide in the shadows at the back.

Jackals and wolves circled him hiding behind one bush or the other waiting watching with hungry eyes hungry eyes and drooling tongues. kritavarma Sarcastically. Then how was Ashwatthama anointed as the commander? kripacharya Duryodhana said: “You are a brahmin Kripacharya. There is no water here. Anoint the brave Ashwatthama as the commander with your own sweat. I can’t lift my arms to bless him. ” I helped him lift his lifeless arm to bless Ashwatthama but instead of blessing him he screamed in agony.

Mendicant I am a false prophet and at this moment my words have no value. Many false prophecies broken dreams half-truths lie scattered in every nook and corner of the city of the Kauravas. It is unfortunate that Gandhari fondly nurtures each one of them. Guard 1 returns with a bag of coins. Victory to Duryodhana! Victory to Gandhari! The old mendicant exits. gandhari Victory shall be ours. I am confident. Victory shall be ours. My hopes may be false or blind 18 Bharati but Duryodhana shall be victorious.

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