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It was once most likely Rousseau who first considered desires as ennobling stories. a person who has ever learn Reveries du Promeneur Solitaire needs to be struck through the dreamlike caliber of Rousseau's meditations. This dreamlike caliber continues to be with us, and people who event it locate themselves ennobled through it. Witness Martin Luther King's well-known "1 have a dream. " Dreaming and notion bring up the artist to the pinnacle rung within the ladder ofhuman kin. that's most likely the present view between proficient humans of our time. Rousseau made that view decent and most important. but in one other experience, the matter is far older. it's the challenge of political philosophy and poetry, the matter of Socrates and Aristophanes, of Plato and Homer. but, whereas antiquity often offers the crown to philosophy, seeing that Rous­ seau, the choice view has a tendency to be triumphant. the excellence isn't, despite the fact that, a proper one. Sir Philip Sidney enlisted Plato at the facet of poetry. the genuine contrast is among mind's eye and cause. If cause is to rule, as Aristotle issues out,l the main architectonic of the sciences, that's political technology, should still rule. it really is political philosophy which needs to be sure the character of the humanities so one can support or so as to prevent the great of the town or the polity. that doesn't suggest mere professor should still stand in judgment of Shake­ speare, Bacon, and Rembrandt. It signifies that ifhe experiences those 3 nice artists, he's not over-stepping disciplinary limits.

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I think that King John tells us something about legitimacy and that something of the dimensions of the problem oflegitimacy must have been seen by Shakespeare in the very sense in which Hume considered it a modern problem. When Bodin considers the attributes of sovereignty, he scolds Aristot1e for not having treated them. 3 That means that Bodin thought that there should be more reflection on who has the power and how that power should be distributed. Sovereignty, or the mingling of power with legitimacy, became the premier question ofpolitical science - Bodin's own premier invention - in Bodin's thought, because the concept of sovereignty made political science possible.

The island in The Tempest is a stage, and the philosopher king is playwright, stage manager, and actor. ; 2 Henry IV, iv, 93 ff. See also the First Book of Plato's Laws. 60 Hamlet IV, iv, 62-65. 6' King LeaT III, iv, 33-36. 30 POLITICS IN SHAKESPEARE live in a world in which action predominates. He must seek to create and recreate the correctives by which political injustice is continuously defeated, and he must show the forces and influences which raise politics to its highest possible level. The fact that the poet presents the totality of the human may make it difficult to analyze his political wisdom.

2 This significant passage is not without ambiguity. What is the "genius ofthe ancients" which confused monarchy? Is it the genius of ancient practice or the genius of ancient philosophy? Hume is not explicit, though he does go on to speak of medieval political experience. It may be true that the problem of legitimacy is a modern 2 David Hume, History of England, Boston, 1856, 1, 394. 48 BASTARDS AND USURPERS problem, that it is a problem much more familiar to students of the Greekpolis, but one must ask injust what sense it is a modern problem.

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