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By Dr. Valery S. Lisitsa (auth.)

Atoms in Plasmas is anxious with radiative-collisional phenomena in impartial and ionized gases. significant to the reviews is a "perturbed atom" that's an atom less than the impression of other perturbations in plasmas, specifically by way of electric and magnetic fields, fields of plasma oscillations, laser and Planck-radiation fields, collisions with excited debris, stochastic accelerations, and so forth. The remedy covers primary elements of contemporary physics, comparable to atomic quantum mechanics and quantum optics, radiation and collisional methods in plasmas and gases, nonlinear laser spectroscopy, plasma diagnostics, etc.

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The evaluation of Y requires a computation of the sum over n with the aid of approximations for partial cross sections. 31) With the results of the calculation of the conventional hydrogenlike formulae varied with respect to the value of Z (Z = Zi and Z = Zeff= 38 3. 2. 14] Z T [keY] Nucleus KrED Ne-Iike Coul. 4 Ar-Iike Coul. Coul. 0 Coul. Coul. 1 (Z+ZY2). 2 show that the modification of the value of the effective charge appreciably improves the accuracy of the Coulomb-field approximation for the PR rate.

The BR, it is Df essential interest nDt Dnly to. the cross sectiDn, integral Dver the Drbital mDmentum I, but to. the cross sectiDn O'PR(E-+n'I'), differential with respect to. I, as well. In Drder to. Dbtain thelatter cross sectiDn, Dne Dught to. replace the integratiDn Dver the impact parameters {! in the BR fDrmulae by a summatiDn Dver the final state orbital mDmentum, I' = I± 1. 21) where the relatiDn Ii (I' + 112) = {! m v is to. ). 21) is a functiDn Df the atDmic pDtential U(r) which enters the spectral functiDns F _ (OJ) and F + (OJ) and the periDd Tn' ('.

A corresponding theory for auto-ionized states may be developed by analogy with the general theory of states damping. 21] as applied to photoeffect problems. The essence of Fano's approach involves the construction of correct sationary wave functions of a system of a "discrete level-continuum", including the interaction between them. The problem is the generalization to the continuum spectrum from the known problem of the energy spectrum of two interacting, discrete levels. The correct wave functions constructed are used later for the calculation of the transition probabilities between them and another discrete atomic level, or the atomic ground state for photoeffect problems, in particular.

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