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Burda - unique. Мода для детей. КНИГИ ; ХОББИ и РАЗВЛЕЧЕНИЯ Все самое стильное для детей. sixty eight

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You may also find it odd that a judge, whose very livelihood depends on people bringing their disputes to court, would be trying to dissuade you from going to court. The truth is that family court judges have more than enough work just dealing with child protection cases (where a child protection agency has removed neglected or abused children from their parents) and youth criminal justice (in some jurisdictions called juvenile delinquency) matters (in which a child has been charged with committing a criminal offence).

Who knows what really happened? Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between both parties’ versions. Each case must be looked at on its own merits, but obviously the task of credibility assessment and factfinding is not an exact science, and judges are only human. We do our best with the evidence we’re given, but we have no illusions about the frailties of the court process when it comes to determining the facts, assessing parenting skills, and making the best possible decisions for children. Court cases are supposed to be truth-finding exercises, but litigants quickly learn that cases are not decided on the basis of what actually happened — a judge cannot know for certain what actually happened because he/she was not there to see it.

In such motions, the court has to decide whether to make the order solely by reading the applicant’s evidence without the benefit of getting the other party’s side of the story. There is an obvious risk of injustice whenever a court is making a decision with only one side of the story, because everyone knows that there are always at least two sides to every story. Nevertheless, the justice system must provide a way to protect people whose safety is at risk in an emergency. Because the order is made without notice to the other party, it will be a temporary order and will last only until the next court date, which in most cases will be a few weeks after the order is made.

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