Download e-book for iPad: Calcium Binding Proteins in Normal and Transformed Cells by R. J. P. Williams (auth.), Roland Pochet, D. Eric M. Lawson,

By R. J. P. Williams (auth.), Roland Pochet, D. Eric M. Lawson, Claus W. Heizmann (eds.)

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1984), probably because of their unusual DNA structure (Wells, 1988). It has been suggested that it could play an important role in the regulation of gene expression. Alternating (A-T)n sequences have also been found often in eukaryotic promoters (McClellan et al. 1986). These sequences exhibit a high flexibility which is thought to be related to a biological role. The functional significance of these elements is purely speculative, but they should be considered in future expression studies. The chromosomal location of the human calbindin gene was determined using panels of rodenthuman cell hybrids.

A. ltatians Table 1. Examples of calmodulins generated by site-specific mutagenesis ... C1T II. c. B. c. B. A. lpS SYNCAM-13 SYNCAM-14 SYNCAM-60 SYNCAM-61 Cllarge calcium B:irxling: Loop Mltations III. B. A. Kl15 Kl15 SYNClIM-16 Kl15 SYNCAM-58A Kl15 SYNClIM-58B Kl15 SYNCAM-58C Kl15 ->R ->1 ->Y ->0 ->H ->N SYNCAM-1 1-136, Clllamydom:mas 137-159 SYNCAM-1 1-101, Clllamydom:mas 102-159 SYNCAM-1 1-3, Clllamydom:mas 4-159 078 ->E, S81 ->H, E83 ->0 SYNCAM-1 1-136 (078 ->E, S81 ->H, E83 ->0). rodulin Mltations Gene deletion studies have been reported only for yeast as of this date.

1980, Structure and evolution of calcium-modulated proteins. e. Crit. Rev. , 8: 119-174. , and RabiA, A, 1983, Calcium-binding protein in the developing rat cerebellum. , 233: 389-402. , 1987, Neuronal calcium homeostasis. , 10: 164-169. , 1986, (A-T)n tracts embedded in random sequence DNA Formation of a structure which is chemically reactive and torsionally deformable. Nuc!. , 14: 9291-9309. , 1983, DNA conformation at the 5' end of the chicken adult I>-globin gene. Cell, 35: 467-477. , 1986, Sequence signals in eukaryotic upstream regions.

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