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Nello sperduto villaggio di Tabula, alcuni abitanti sono affetti da licantropia. Ogni notte diventano lupi mannari e, consistent with placare i loro istinti, sbranano un innocente! Di giorno i superstiti si riuniscono dibattendo sul da farsi: alla advantageous della discussione linciano uno di loro, credendolo un lupo mannaro.

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A gap of one inch is created between the first and second drum. Bolts hold the drums in this position. A sacrificial plate can be bolted to the bottom of the inner drum, protecting it from prolonged exposure to the flame. 33 The gap between the inner and outer drum is not blocked by this ring. The outermost drum rests on the inner edge of the brick wall. Split the third drum longitudinally. Cut an 8 inch in diameter hole in the bottom of the drum. An elbow of stovepipe fits into the 8 inch hole.

They're truly one of those rare devices that save energy and make life simpler at the same time! We've used them for more than ten years and highly recommend them. Hayboxes are so fuel efficient, because the haybox does all of the simmering "for free", without using energy that would have mostly gone into making steam, anyway. The Rocket stove/haybox combination is capable of cooking with very small amounts of biomass. And, this method is easier, safer, and more convenient! An insulated box resting on a platform.

Or we can invert the box and have it sit upon an insulated base on which the pot also rests. Raising the pot up onto another higher platform, like a piece of plywood, makes a double seal to keep air from escaping. A haybox can be something very simple, like a hole in the ground that is filled with hay, straw, etc. The pot is placed inside the hole and covered by thick layers of insulation. The hole could also be made in a block of sand/clay mixture above ground so as to be more easily reached. Simmering food in a haybox will take about one and one-half to three times longer to cook than on a cooking stove.

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