Cold War Britain, 1945-1964 : new perspectives by M. Hopkins, M. Kandiah, G. Staerck PDF

By M. Hopkins, M. Kandiah, G. Staerck

Britain and the chilly warfare, 1945-1964 bargains new views on ways that Britain fought the chilly conflict, and illuminates key components of the coverage formula method. It argues that during many ways Britain and the USA perceived and dealt with the hazard posed by way of the Communist bloc in related phrases: however, Britain's carrying on with worldwide commitments, post-war fiscal difficulties and somestic concerns obliged her once in a while to take on the risk relatively otherwise.

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By encouraging both Franco–German rapprochement and the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community or Schuman Plan, he displayed wisdom, for he favoured policies that succeeded, and honesty, for he recognised his earlier, more sceptical attitude had to change. Morrison’s greatest contribution, however, probably lay in ensuring that the foreign policy of the Labour Government and the Anglo–American Cold War alliance in particular enjoyed parliamentary support – even during the various phases of Anglo–American tension.

27 They chose to put down a critical foreign affairs amendment on the Address for the King’s Speech inaugurating the 1946–47 Session. They were joined in this first serious challenge to the government from the backbenches by another, less influential, grouping of dissidents: the anti-American left led by John Platt-Mills, Konni Zilliacus, Leslie Solley, Lester Hutchinson and William Warbey. ’ A total of 58 MPs signed the amendment. ’29 The amendment was defeated by 353 votes to zero. ’ This came about as a consequence of their joint efforts to write a pamphlet articulating their views.

However, following the outbreak of the Second World War the Conservatives had to do the unthinkable. Prime Minister Winston Churchill found that to defeat Nazi Germany Britain had to forge an alliance with the USSR, the largest military power in continental Europe, thereby accepting Soviet international position and power. Nevertheless, this was a tactical relationship and did not represent for him and for the Conservatives anything further than a means to defeat the Nazis. 13 During the 1945 election campaign they would have liked to have played an explicit ‘red card’ against Labour.

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