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The term “short sight” is used in these instances unwittingly by the layman to mean two different situations; either it can mean presbyopia (caused by diminished focusing power with ageing, as in the case of the old man) or it can mean myopia (caused by a larger eyeball, as in the case of the young lady). Leaving aside presbyopia for the time being, we need to realise that the myopic person has physically larger than normal eyes, with an anteroposterior diameter of more than 24 mm, and, by contrast, the hypermetropic (or longsighted person) person has smaller than usual eyes, with an anteroposterior diameter of less than 24 mm.

3. Trachoma trichiasis of upper lid and corneal vascularisation (with acknowledgement to Professor D. Archer). Acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis is caused by enterovirus 70 (picornavirus) and usually occurs in epidemics. The disease is hugely contagious but self-limiting. Common Diseases of the Conjunctiva and Cornea 49 Other Infective Agents keratoconjunctivitis have a higher risk than normal for the development of herpes simplex keratitis; the condition is also associated with the corneal dystrophy known as keratoconus or conical cornea.

More severe cases might warrant the prescription of antibiotic drops instilled hourly during the day for three days followed by four times daily for five days. A conjunctival culture should be taken before starting treatment. Commonsense precautions against spread of the infection should also be advised, although they are not always successful. Attempts to culture bacteria from the conjunctival sac of cases of chronic conjunctivitis do not yield much more than commensal organisms. One particular kind of chronic conjunctivitis in which the inflammation is sited mainly near to the inner and outer canthi is known as angular conjunctivitis with follicles on the superior tarsal conjunctiva.

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