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This re-creation keeps the simplicity of process with effortless examining, in the event you want an creation to beauty technology and know-how. The version includes updated details on new safeguard laws and items.

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Nello sperduto villaggio di Tabula, alcuni abitanti sono affetti da licantropia. Ogni notte diventano lupi mannari e, in step with placare i loro istinti, sbranano un innocente! Di giorno i superstiti si riuniscono dibattendo sul da farsi: alla effective della discussione linciano uno di loro, credendolo un lupo mannaro.

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The abuse of perfumes became so great that, among others, Nicholas de Montaut, in Miroir des Francois (1582), reproached ladies using 'all sorts of perfume, cordial waters, civet, musk, ambergris and other precious aromatics to perfume their clothes and linen and even their whole bodies'. Catherine brought, in her entourage from Italy, her astrologer and alchemist, Ruggiero, and her perfumer, Renato Bianco, known as Rene the Florentine. He became famous and very successfully ran a shop in Paris dealing in perfumes, powders, pomades and cosmetics for the ladies of the court and the wealthy aristocrats, and it is said with more sinister concoctions when required.

This grows in Cyprus on the hills and is very fragrant; that which grows in Hellas yields no perfume being scentless. From roots are made the perfumes named from iris, spikenard and sweet marjoram, an ingredient in which is koston; for it is the root to which this perfume is applied. The Eretrian unguent is made from the root of kypeiron, which is obtained from Cyclades as well as from Enboea. From wood is made what is called 'palm perfume'; for they put in what is called the 'spathe', having first dried it.

13-63 © 2000 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Printed in Great Britain The Picts, a tribe in Northern Scotland already living there in 1000 BC, were so-called by the Romans from the Latin pictus, painted. Many such customs are still in use in South American and other primitive tribes today. The Patagonians mumble incantations, sway their bodies and smear their faces with chalk. The Australian aborigines adorn themselves with wreaths of flowers and feathers worn over greased bodies and faces daubed with white clay.

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