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By Charles Bernstein

Darkish urban, Charles Bernstein's 20th publication, is an from time to time comedian, from time to time bleak, expedition into daily life within the past due twentieth century. In darkish urban, Bernstein strikes via a startling variety of languages and kinds, from machine lingo to the cant of television speak indicates, from high-poetic diction to unsolicited mail, from intimate deal with to philosophical imperatives, from would-be proverbs to nursery rhymes and songs.

Bernstein's urban is flickering and evanescent, relocating from Madras to long island to l. a., from "Virtual Reality" to "The View from Nowhere." but his university of diversive/divisive voices additionally represents, because the Village Voice has famous, "A tireless try to regain our realization and convey us from inertia into discourse again":

Love is like love, a baby
like a child, which means like
memory, gentle like light.
A journey's a detour
and a pocket a charm
in which deceits are borne.
A cloud is a cloud and
a tale like a story,
song is a song,
fury like fury.

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