Differend: Phrases in Dispute by Jean-Francois Lyotard PDF

By Jean-Francois Lyotard

A number one modern French thinker turns his consciousness to "differends"--disputes: the flip of all Western philosophy towards language; the decline of metaphysics; the retreat of Marxism; turning out to be political melancholy.

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Aristotle And The Hellenistic Peripatos 29 This should not come as a surprise. From the beginning, the early Peripatos propelled Aristotelianism toward particular kinds of inquiry, mainly governed by exoteric works and a materialist reading of hylomorphism. Paradoxically enough, the catalogues of their work and the nature of their research give the impression both that they knew very little of the Aristotelian school treatises and that where they took an interest in Aristotle’s most distinctive theses, it was mainly to criticize them.

63; Hesychius, Life of Aristotle [Vita Menagiana] 18–21. 6 Except for Critolaus and Diodorus, dates are those of the scholarchate. Critolaus can be dated by his participation in the famous Roman Embassy of 156/155 BC, alongside Diogenes of Babylon (a representative of the Stoics) and Carneades (of the Academy). 7 Chiaradonna 2013: 31–33. 16 Lefebvre himself to physics, defending new positions and saying little about ethics—in Cicero’s eyes a double betrayal of his own school. 14). Cicero’s conclusions seem at least biased.

The Hellenistic Period: What Happened to Hylomorphism? In Ancient Perspectives on Aristotle’s De Anima, edited by G. Van Riel and P. Destrée. Leuven, Leuven University Press: 155–166. ——— 2006. Natural Philosophy in the Peripatos after Strato. In Aristo of Ceos, Text, Translation, and Discussion, edited by W. W. Fortenbaugh and S. A. White. New Brunswick (NJ), Transaction Publishers: 307–327. ——— 2002. Aristotelian Theology after Aristotle. In Traditions of Theology. Studies in Hellenistic Theology, its Background and Aftermath, edited by D.

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