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If she'd ever wondered about his feelings, she knew now. It was a raging, helpless kind of love that he was fighting with everything in him, tearing her to pieces to keep her from seeing how vulnerable he really was. And Anna loved him, deathlessly. But neither of them was going to give in, least of all Evan, who for reasons 292 EVAN DIANA PALMER 293 of his own wanted no part of loving. Polly could have wept. She wished she could tell her daughter, but it would serve no purpose. Evan wasn't going to give in to it, she knew that instinctively, but if Anna went too close to him, he'd savage her.

Ordinarily she would have done so. But a kitten wandering on the side street caught her attention. It was small and pitiful looking, and it headed right for 306 EVAN DIANA PALMER 307 the street. There wasn't a soul in sight, and the parking lot was well lighted. She got out of the car and went after the kitten. Unexpectedly it darted away and she followed, calling it. Her soft voice attracted the attention of a vagrant on the other side of the street. He saw the way she was dressed and assessed the shiny pendant around her neck and the glittery ring on her hand.

Polly wailed. "She insisted," Randall said helplessly. If it had been Evan, she'd have stayed at home, Polly thought angrily. Evan would have protected her. But she didn't say it. Randall looked broken up enough as it was. They went into the intensive care unit and Polly sat beside her daughter, holding her hand. She had to get well. She had to! It was morning before Harden and Miranda got home. Polly had refused to leave, so Harden had promised to return later in the day with some things she needed.

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